Territory Expansion Policy

Game Changer Leads is committed to providing you excellent lead generation and marketing services and makes every effort to ensure you get exactly what you have ordered.

However, due to low populations in some states digital lead generation services may not work effectively there. 

After an order is placed and the requested territory does not meet the target population number, our Territory Expansion Policy will apply.

Conditions of our Territory Expansion Policy

  1. When we see the ordered Territory does not meet the Target Population stated on product page associated to the Lead Order we may send an e-mail to the e-mail address associated to the order requesting additional territory. We will advise you that the ordered Territory is below the Target Population. We will ask you to provide additional Territory so that we can fill your order.
    1. If you are unable or unwilling to provide additional Territory, we may expand the territory at our discretion so that we can fill the order.
  2. Leads that are generated for Lead orders where the ordered Territory was below the Target Population, and You the Customer did not provide enough additional Territory to reach the Target Population, are not eligible for Replacement due to being outside of the ordered Territory.