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Game Changer Reviews

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Game Changer Reviews

Everyone knows that customer Reviews and Testimonials are a great way to establish authority, professionalism, and basically prove you are the real deal.

But getting Reviews and Testimonials is HARD. If there is any resistance to leaving the review, people won't do it. Period. 

Game Changer Reviews solves that problem for you! With a landing page that is dedicated to helping you get both VIDEO and/or WRITTEN testimonials from your clients and prospects. 

We setup a BRANDED TO YOU Landing Page that's sole purpose is to collect reviews and testimonials for you. You can share the link in e-mails, text messages, newsletters, or even use a QR Code to send people there!


Check out an example here!

The website allows people to leave reviews from any computer or mobile device effortlessly. Awesome!

But what about Google Reviews? We have got you there to! Once the Video Review is left, we will ask for a Google Review, which they can do with 1 click. Boom!

Once the Video Reviews and Testimonials have been left, we will send them to your email. Even better, we will also send you a Transcription of the Video Testimonial! 

The Reviews and Testimonials are 100% yours to use however you wish! Use them on your website, lead generating landing pages, local TV commercials, radio ads, your YouTube Channel, the possibilities are endless.

Want to Customize the Landing Page? We're good with that and happy to do it for you!

If you are satisfied with not getting any reviews or getting ho-hum reviews that you can't do anything with, this product isn't for you.

If you are ready to finally to let your clients tell your prospects how wonderful you are, sign up today. 

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