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Quick Facebook Final Expense Leads - Exclusive Lead - Statewide

Quick Facebook Final Expense Leads - Exclusive Lead - Statewide

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How do you want your leads?

Tired of cold calling or doing your own prospecting? Then stop!

With our Facebook generated Final Expense Leads you can increase your activity with leads expecting to receive more information about Final Expense Insurance Plans that are available in their area.

These leads will come in Quick!

Here is how you will receive your leads

No matter what options you choose, the leads are delivered to you in real time, as they are generated, to a Google Sheet, to your email with a door knocking sheet, and to you via text message.

Do you use a HighLevel based CRM? If that answer is yes, we can send the leads directly into your CRM!

Here is how it works:

  • People are on Facebook and we capture their attention with a scroll stopper. We inform them that their may be affordable final expense plans in their area.
  • The prospect then completes the form themselves. 
    • Full Name
    • Phone Number
    • Full Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Email
    • Even then, we're not done. After the lead is generated we send the lead a text message and email to confirm their request for information AND tell them that the person who will be fulfilling their request is YOU.
    • Before you reach out to them, they will already know your name and be expecting to hear from you.
    • Leads are delivered to you in real time.
    • Get a lead with a disconnected phone number (it's rare, but happens)? We'll replace it!

    We include Extra Services at No Extra Charge!

    • We SMS Text the lead to confirm their request and encourage them to call you directly
    • We email the lead to confirm their request and encourage them to call you directly
    • Want to send your portrait to your leads so they know exactly who will be reaching out to them? We can do it! We'll send your photo to each of your leads at your request
    • You can receive an SMS Text or Email from us the instant the lead is generated with the lead information
    • Do you have a HighLevel based CRM? We will post your leads directly into it

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the difference between the Quick FEX Leads, Gold FEX Leads and the Diamond FEX Leads?
      • The Quick FEX Leads do not have any manually filled responses. We collect the Social Media Profile Account Information Only
      • The Quick FEX Leads will come in faster than the Gold and Diamond Leads since we are asking for less information. Most Quick Lead Orders are filled within 3 days. Gold and Diamond Lead orders may take 7 days to fill.
      • The Gold and Diamond FEX Leads require manual responses before a prospect can be come a Lead.
      • The Diamond FEX Leads ask the prospect what their budget is for Final Expense Insurance. The Gold Leads do not.
    • How quickly will I begin to receive my leads?
      • You will generally begin receiving your leads within 48 hours of placing your order, unless you order on Friday. In that case you may begin receiving leads on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.
    • How long will it take my order to fill?
      • There are many factors which determine how fast your order will fill. Most times within 2-3 days. However, it can take longer in some instances.
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